Available courses

Our two-year International Business Management diploma program provides a valuable theoretical and practical understanding of today’s highly complex and interconnected business world.

Our one-year Pharmacy Assistant diploma program covers the diverse topics required to successfully work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, including basic pharmacology, drug and medical terminology and pharmaceutical best practices.

Certified Health Care Aides assist nurses and other members of a health care team in the basic care of residents and patients. Primarily, health care aides assist with and provide the personal care and other daily activities necessary to ensure patients maintaining their maximum potential for independence and self-direction.

The Unit Clerk and Medical Office Administration program prepares students to work with the kind of healthcare management systems used throughout the industry to schedule patient appointments, prepare reports, invoices, financial statements and medical records. Students will learn how to complete insurance forms, submit billing to Alberta Health Services, process payments, interview patients, complete intake forms and many other administrative duties vital to the day-to-day operations of clinics, medical wards and other healthcare institutions.

Our two-year Applied Environmental Technology diploma program provides training in applied techniques to assess issues of environmental contamination in soil, groundwater and air, along with practical solutions to remediate and mitigate the contamination issues.

Our two-year Community Support Worker diploma program is designed for individuals seeking the knowledge and skills to enter the field of social services and draws upon the principles of sociology, psychology and other social sciences to counsel and assist individuals and their families in understanding and resolving personal and social conflicts.

Education Assistant diploma program covers the diverse topics required to successfully work under the direction of educators such as classroom or resource teachers. Students learn vital skills and knowledge, including educational ethics, conflict management and special program development for students with physical, learning or emotional needs.

Our two-year Cyber Security and Cloud Computing diploma program prepares students to confidently tackle the day-to-day responsibilities of a cyber security and cloud computing specialist.

Bay River College’s 1-year Process Piping Drafting diploma program empowers individuals seeking the knowledge and skills required to enter and thrive in this vital Canadian industry.

One-year Information Technology and Network Administrator diploma program prepares students to confidently tackle the day-to-day responsibilities of managing computer information systems for businesses of any size. Graduates of the program will be prepared to deal with an organization’s need to optimize and maintain their digital and hardware infrastructure.

Our unique program is designed specifically to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of Canadian colleges, universities and trade schools. Successful completion of our four-stage ESL program will provide students with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to excel in degree programs at Bay River College or any other post-secondary school across Canada.